Seniors, Families or Artistic Portraits…3 easy package options!

Our modified Package Pricing is SIMPLE!

  • Packages:  Pick a package– our time and your prints bundled together!
    • $199 “Short” Shoot –  30 minutes + 14 prints (8 wallets, 4 qty 4×6’s, 1 qty 5×7, 3×3 pocket album) or substitute prints for 2 images on CD and our versatile 3×3 album.
    • $299 “Hour” Shoot – 1 hour + 20 prints (12 wallets, 4 qty 4×6’s, 1 qty 5×7, 1 qty 8×10 or 8×8, 3×3 pocket album) or 2 images on CD and 2 qty of our versatile 3×3 albums.
    • $399 “Inspired” Shoot – 1.5 hours + 23 prints (16 wallets, 4 qty 4×6’s , 2 qty 5×7’s, 1 qty 10×10, 3×3 pocket album) or 3 images on CD and our versatile 3×3 album.
  • A La Carte:  Choose separately the time and products you want!
    • Coverage time starts at 20 minutes for $50.
    • Prints start at $10 for a 4×6.
    • Popular Proof Cases are one of our top sellers among Seniors!  These come two sizes:  4×6 and 5×7.  Both sizes hold proof quantities of up to 50. proofs!
    • Images on CD (edited) are $49 each; Unedited are $30 each.
    • Enlargements start at $99 for a 11×14.
    • Accordian Pocket/Wallet Albums are miniature sizes 2×3 or 3×3 for $19 each.  Buy 3 save–only $49!


  • Big Picture Books sizes 10×8 or 8×10 start at $299.


  • Framed Storyboard Wall Collages (20×20) are $599

Travel Time: For shoots 25 miles or less, travel time is complimentary!  Mileage fees to a shooting location are:

  •  26-49 miles are $25/hour; 50-100 miles are $50/hour; 100-150 miles are $75/hour; 151-200 are $100/hour.

Holidays:  Holidays are frequently the only time you can get together with your loved ones for a rare family portrait.  Our fees for holidays are:

    • $150 for Memorial or Labor Days
    • $200 for Major Holidays including New Years, Easter, July4th, Thanksgiving & Christmas.


Enchanted Weddings…

Domestic Celebrations

There’s every reason to get married on the mainland–convenience, variety and a top, centrally-located photographer!

  • Collections start at $1899 for our 4 hours exclusive coverage by 1 photographer and our full-color, leather-bound, lay-flat 8×10 album containing 12 seamless pages or 24 sides.  We also have 3 other collections to provide you more coverage and larger albums, just ask us!
  • Albums and more albums!  Whether your style is edgy, contemporary, traditional or vintage, we offer the very latest in bold colors and styling trends including crocodile skin, metal or acrylic.  The skies the limit!


  • Popular “Add-on’s” include:
    • “Our Love Story” Collage for $599–customized and framed for you!
    • Gallery Wraps are all the rave for the contemporary bride and start at only $399 for a 16×20. These ship ready to hang!

    • DVD case, size 5×5, leather-bound…features your best portraits on a sentimental DVD slideshow and a small 5×5 wedding portrait for $299.
    • Parent Albums are also available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes…

International Celebrations

Getting married in a dreamy, European location is one way to have your cake and eat it too! You’ll find our flair for international photography a refreshing blend of photojournalism, artistry and romance. Pricing considerations include:

  • Air-fare to/from the international destination for ceremony – up to 2 photographers and 2 assistants available.
  • Hotel accomodations (near event locations) – requires up to 2 rooms for photographer(s) and assistant(s).
  • Travel time:  $100/hr per photographer
  • Ground transportation to/from hotel, wedding & reception locations
  • Meal expense: $60 per person per day
  • Complete Coverage (total hours x $250– 1 photographer; or total hours x $350–2 photographers)
  • Photographer Options:  1 or 2 Pros.
  • Wedding Collections:  Choose from 3 complete Collections! Each includes a stunning lay-flat, italian leather album + hours of complete coverage! Albums feature larger sizes to maximize portraiture content– 10×10, 12×12 or 10×15. They include skilled workmanship and binding, beautiful vibrant colors and trendy styles. A must have for every bride! Front cover options are: portrait, acrylic, metal or a pictorial viewing window. The very latest cover styles include crocodile and cobra skin.
    • Prices start at only $6499 for our Gold International Collection which includes a 10×10, 12 page album + 8 hours of coverage by 2 pros! (Includes travel time, photography assistant(s), album, photographers, coverage. Excludes per person air fare, hotel and meals expenses.)


We periodically update our pricing or specials and offer referred client discounts of 20% off our session fee!   We truly want you as our customer for life!  🙂    –Kat